Old School Stamping: Paper Piecing

Old School Stamping: Paper Piecing

There's a new girl in town and she's crafty! (Does anyone else have that Beastie Boys song in their head now?)

The first in a series of - oh, yes, there's more to come -  "Leading Ladies" by Brandi Kincaid for the Essentials by Ellen line at Ellen Hutson. And while this little beauty is in a set with some laugh-out-loud crafty goodness, she's great for "everyday" cards like this one too.

What I dig most about Brandi's Crafty Lady is that she can be ANY lady. I see a lot of my friends in her (and once I have a stash of Leading Ladies with different hairstyles? There they'll be - every lady I know)!


I wanted to give her some funky clothes and went to one of my favorite old-school techniques to do it: paper piecing. In this case, I picked up a few digital card kits from Brandi's website and used the 3x4 card designs to dress her up, mixing lots of different patterns.


All those little rectangles in the bottom of the shot above are different digital cards I printed and stamped on like any other piece of patterned paper.

I opened the files in Photoshop and resized them to print smaller so the scale worked a bit better for her clothing. (Not a step you HAVE to do - you could just download, print, and stamp - but I thought the scale worked a bit better smaller.)

To finish her look, I did a little coloring with Copics, adding a few freckles with a fine tip brown pen, and adhered the pieces I stamped and cut. (Heather Campbell has a great video on paper piecing in The CLASSroom this week if you'd like a little refresher.)

The final touches were layering her over a galaxy background made with a bit of watercoloring and adding a DIY typewritten sentiment to fit the cosmos theme.